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future of cubieboard

Started by joselalupa, July 13, 2016, 05:27:04 pm

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i am curious about the future of this projects, well, maybe not so future, recent present more than anything. i've noticed some of the stores are closed or not hosting the page linked to cubie, is often down or some error display...what is the chance cubie to survive? i consider this board being superior to pi but the lack of users can bring it down, i would like to have an idea of the actual state



I think that some boards might be a bit old now.  I started with CubieTrucks in 2014 and bought a CB2 and then CB1 for testing/development subsequently.

The CB1 was good when released.  The CB2 is a bad upgrade because some features don't work properly and I never found any accurate schematics.  The CT is a great product but slower and more expensive than the competition now.  I have no experience with newer boards.

Why do you think Cubie boards are superior to Raspberry Pi boards ?  I think the RPi3 is serious competition to anything here.



cubieboards can be used in so many applications. There are really some advantages over the RASPIS, which I also like.
CB1 and CB2 have analog audio output plus line in and SATA connectors. CB1 consumes very low power. The CB1 A10  now is not widely available any more. I use one with dCore (a TinyCore) derivative. This gives that old board incredible speed. It can be used for web browsing. I use Iceweasel and Dillo. It is faster than a 64 bit full scale PC.

On CB2 there is an Armbian from Igor available. The latest version of the Armbian desktop operating system for CB2 does not boot in my case, so I decided to stay with the Armbian4.5_cubieboard2_Debian_wheezy_3.4.109.raw. Although this is a server image just go ahead and put a light GUI on it (such as XFCE) Then you can have Firefox, VLC and do web and multimedia. Sound works and the video uses the hw acceleration.

The CB3 (Cubietruck) has even VGA which is very unique for this kind of boards. The CB3 uses more power and might not be usefull for 24/7 operation.

All this 3 boards are very useful. I have not seen the Cubietruck Plus (CB5)
The Cubieboard 4, I do not know what this one is good for. It consumes too much power, it is expensive.

I hope that CB2 and CB3 will be around for a while. I might buy a Cubietruck Plus (CB5) but I have not seen an offer yet.


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Well thease kind of boards stay and fall with software support and community.
Thats something all Cubieboards dont have. They get no updates or images from the manufactor. Ally you get are images someone that did buy a product from cubietech made.

I had good hopes for the Cubietruck to be a nice Desktop PC that runs Linux or be a nice Media station, but it never really got there. There are images that provide something but most of em are limited, not user friendly or missing thing you cant really add.
I even tryed the latest delivered Android Image but i could not even use the Truck for Netflix ( it runs but stutters ).
All you can do is to use it for some server projects.

In a german IT magazin they did review the Cubietruck plus and its was pretty crappy.
The sata port is feeded over USB they said, because if that the transfer is pretty slow. They said the Banana Pi was delivering much more speet over sata. Also the Heat sink on CT+ cant cool the processor down, it need active cooling. 

If you need some nice Mediaplayer or simple desktop PC there are serveral options with better hardware (Intel Atom, more Ram, USB3 port, better Wifi ect.) and even activated Windows 10 for less money.
Take the Beelink Z83 for example.

Really who wants to pay more money on hardware that get no real software support and becomes less and less atractive because there are better options?   

If you want to do dye projects the Raspi 3 is the way to go, it can also boot from USB now.

Well and less face it the CT+ will not get any better software support then the CT.

If you ask me buying a CT+ is a bad decition and im utterly dissapointed from the CT.