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9 of the most popular cloud platform for IOT developers.

Started by james_seeed, June 12, 2016, 03:05:54 am

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Here are nine of the most popular cloud platform for IOT development.All of them can be used on beaglebone series products and linkit series products.
See the platforms HERE:
and Share your analysis to all the hackers ! Let's find our which one is the most popular for all the IOT developers!


Sounds great, this is really nice website you shared, i've checked the page and the article is very good about cubie


Personally I prefer the ES8266 for IoT related stuff.

Built in wifi, arduino compatible (can compile in the Arduino IDE), and 1M -4M flash.
Plus, most importantly, its cheap as peanuts.

RMB11-15 or so (USD $2 - $2.5)