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Started by langelog, February 11, 2016, 02:40:31 pm

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Hi! I have a question respect selling our product with the cubieboard. I'm working on a medical instrument project where we have an android application fully working. Now We want to sell the product with regular commercial android device included but think that we can't because of branding issues, so the question is: what do we have to do if we sell our product using this hardware to build a custom tablet, is there a payment contribution that we have to do or we just have to say "powered by cubieboard".

Hope you can help us.



There was a thread here a bit ago about an embedded Cubie1 in a 3D printer where the poster wanted his own software on it.

But if you find this printer, you can probably follow whatever they did.

Typically component attribution is up to you.  How many PCs were shipped with 3COM ethernet boards and this was never mentioned as an example?

But I am not a lawyer.