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There is no audio input on cubieboard2

Started by clurado1980, September 12, 2015, 10:45:31 am

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Hi recently i bought two cubieboard ( cubieboard2 dual card ), for me the interesting point of cubieboard instead of raspberryPi is line-in jack. i installed cubieez on sdcard and the board is working prefectly but there isn't any alsa input in pcm lists.

could you please tell me how i can get line in working?


note it not a"mic" but a "line-in". it need extra-hardware for amplify the volume *before* enter inside cubieboard.


i know that, my problem isn't silence recording, the problem is there isn't any capture device in alsa pcm's.


Im sorry for my wrong misunderstanding.
Well, it seems to be a software lack: first of all verify kernel support that hardware: if not, recompile kernel. Later, try to use  program "sox" to record from line-in.


it seems like the capture isn't available in default with cubieez, i finaly make it work :

adding capture_used =1 to [audio] section of script.bin
chaning asound.conf as discussed here :,1190.msg8337.html#msg8337


I am having the same issue. The output for arecord -l is just " *** list of capture hardware devices *** with nothing listed below. I have configured asound.conf to ensure that card 0 "sunxicodec" is loaded, I have also tried modifying the script.bin and adding in the line  " capture_used =1 ", however even this does not have any affect on audio input, and i still can't seem to see any input device. I am currently running lubuntu desktop.