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Install .img on µSDCard

Started by BarakudaFR29, June 24, 2013, 03:01:57 am

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Hello everyone,

First, sorry for my english  ;)

I have a cubieboard A10 and I try to install this image "Android TV Box Allwinner release2.2 image ", I've try linaro but I don't like it, too slow. I want to use ma cubie to go on internet and watch youtube video.

I've try with ubuntu with the dd command, and with windows 7 64 with Win32DiskImager.exe and it's not working. The cubie don"t boot with the SDCard and run android wich is installed on nand. When i'm in android it show me SDCard damaged.

I've try with berryboot image and it's working, so i think i've missed something. (boot partition on sdcard ?? )

Can you help me, i've looking on the forum but i don't find answer, it's all about "put your image on your sdcard and blablabla..." but how you do it ??  ???