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Cubietruck - Unable to boot from SDCARD

Started by vit.cozzolino, January 20, 2016, 09:29:28 am

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I'm having issues trying to boot up my CT from SDCARD. I have linaro ubuntu installed on the NAND and I can boot it perfectly as long as the SDCARD is not inserted into the board. When I insert the SDCARD, the board boots up ONLY if the card is actually empty; if there is any sort of OS into it the board just get stuck, the screen stays black and only the red led is actually on, all the others are just off.

I've used all kind of OSes on the SDCARD without success but I'm pretty sure that the SDCARD works, if I plug it after the CT booted into linaro I can browse it normally.

Any advice?


Have you connected the JTAG port to observe the boot process?  Is uboot from your card being loaded?

What distros have you put onto your mSD card?


Ok, apparently is working now. I've flashed my SDCARD with this distro :


and finally I managed to boot my CT from the SDCARD! So I would exclude any HW related problems but still I don't understand why other "official" distros are not working at all. Anyway the distro that now I need to figure out why is not working is this one:

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Back to work and thanks for the help :)


Glad to hear it works now for you.

Can't help you there.  The distros I use are:


WIth either of these, I can put the image on an sata drive and ony uboot on a small mSD and boot right up to a real HD (or SSD) and get great disk performance.


Thanks for the reply! I've tried to use the Fedora distro that you linked and flashed it into my SDcard but without success. Apparently my CT can't find any bootable OS on the SDcard and switches to the NAND :(.

I've used dd to flash my SDcard.


Is this always the same SD card?

Try another one.  I have had a couple cards that were working just fine, then they stopped working.


Yes it's the same SDcard, but it works with the other OS so I don't think it's malfunctioning.


Could be you managed to get the one uboot on it, then failure on the uboot or some such.

I really would want to see the boot seq from the serial port.  You connect a USB/TTL adapter and use screen or minicom to interact with the console.

More than once I have seen an obvious problem that way such that ALL of my boards have permanently installed adapters.

Or just try another card to say you did.


Have tried with another SDcard but without success. I don't have right now a USB/TTL cable, waiting for the one I've ordered to arrive. In the next days I'll post the serial output here.

Don Pedro

Quote from: rgmhtt on January 24, 2016, 09:42:19 am
More than once I have seen an obvious problem that way such that ALL of my boards have permanently installed adapters.

Yep, having direct access to the console may be your last sheet anchor. It's easy to lock yourself out of a headless system e. g. with a corrupt iptables rule. The console will save you. That's why I also spent the few bucks.


While I'm waiting for my USB/TTL cable to be dispatched, can any of you guys suggest me where I could find a Ubuntu 14.04 image for my CT? Other environments are ok-ish for testing purposes but at the end of the day I really need to run that specific distro.


Problem solved, with the USB/TTL interface I can login and everything. I was mislead by the absence of blinking LEDs and no output on both HDMI/VGA.


Good to hear.  Let this be a lesson to ALL that are working with ANY ARMv7 board:

Spend the $2US to get the USB/TTL adapter!


I get output to my VGA/HDMI on boot with the Fedora23 Xfce image.  I get a 1st boot config screen typical of a Fedora install.

With Centos7, the image is 'minimal' with no X, so I get a classic TTY login prompt.

So I recommend you look into your monitor/kybd/mouse connections.