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Laptop project.

Started by fu9ar, January 13, 2016, 12:20:51 am

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I am done with buying other people's stupid laptop designs.

I have a case that I quite like, a Toughbook CF 53, but the hardware is getting old, and the 1280x800 screen is goddamn terrible. I need a Linux smart terminal / work PC, not one that can drive parallel compuation / games.  I need something for, mostly, documents and code.

I've been following ARM boards for years and have been planning on slapping one of them into this case with a liberal amount of hot glue and solder, so that, at least, I can upcycle this case that I like while running a machine that fits my desires.

Here are the parts I am considering to convert the connections from the cubieboard to the laptop screen:

- Lenovo 42T0696 Laptop LCD Screen 15.4" WUXGA Matte CCFL Single Replacement (Lp154wu1(tl)(b1))

- V.M70A VGA LCD LVDS Controller Board Kit For LP171WU1-A4K4 1920x1200 17.1inch

What would be the problem with running the 1080P output from the Cubieboard into this controller kit? would I simply get a letterboxed screen or would it entirely fail? Why?

I realize that I will have to deal with the keyboard, touchpad, USB, etc. connections later,  but getting over this first hurdle will help me begin the process of building this laptop that I want, and will, at worst, give me a Linux armbox that I'll mount as a desktop workstation.


I read that there is a better graphics chip in the Cubieboard Plus?

PowerVR SGX544 up to 700 MHz

Should that do it without any worries?