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Need help getting stock android and/or linux onto Cubieboard 1

Started by nexgen91, September 01, 2016, 12:06:08 pm

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I have searched for a week now and cant find anything (maybe Im not searching the right way) so I am asking if anyone can help me. I have an OG Cubieboard that I tried putting Cubian X on, it gets stuck at the boot screen "Cubian X" after doing some research it appears that I should have installed one of the original linux distros first (I had android on it) but I did not know that at the time. What I would like to do is reinstall either an android image or a linux distro that will allow me to then load Cubian X. However I am having a hard time locating the original firmwares because the cubieboard official download site has been down for a week now. Does anyone know if these images are available anywhere else, and can provide a link? Also PheonixSuite will not work correctly on my computer, is there any way for me to load this from SD onto the board/NAND? Thank you

BTW: This forum has the most spam filters I have ever seen!