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Started by brazoayeye, November 19, 2015, 04:49:11 am

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Hi @ all, i'm new here.

I bought a Cubieboard2 years ago and it's great!

I installed ubuntu in the SD card (i don't remember the version) downloading all from official site. It is working well but from like a year ago i'm having problems with repository. I must add repository to install software through apt but now i have problems with dipendencies. I'm thinking about formatting and installing a fresh version of ubuntu.

I use CB2 as a printServer, Nas, torrent, aMule, FTP. I use VNC or SSH to connect, no local display, no local keyboard. I usually choose desktop version because it fit better my needed (in vnc i usually install firefox, jdownloader, amule and some of them are missing in the server version)

So my requirements are:
1. SD card
2. Updated, complete and supported repository
3. Durable system, surely better an LTS version that a normal one.

I can do simple things with ubuntu (installing gui, sw) so a headless version it's enough.

I check the http://dl.cubieboard.org/software/a20-cubieboard/lubuntu/ but i found only 1 version for SD card and i can't understand wich version of ubuntu contains. Is the HW too strange to install a normal headLess version of ubuntu LTS?


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Fedora 23 is available for both the Cubie2 and CubieTruck.

See my post in the Cubieboard v3 OS (Cubietruck) forum.

This is mainstream Fedora.  Not a separate remix.

Work is ongoing with Centos 7 for cubie as well.