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Need guide for hardware list creating POS using cubie

Started by tacbanon, November 10, 2015, 08:56:41 pm

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Hello everyone, I'm new here  :).  I'm planning to create a POS application on android.  My questions are...
1. What cubieboard do I need (I will use android OS)
2. I need a touch screen LCD..I have one already but not sure if it will work (http://www.olx.ph/item/orion-17-touch-screen-monitor-ID4RYIX.html?p=2#108e886869) it comes with a vga port. Please do recommend one.
3. I also need with WiFi capability.

Looking forward for help and I very much appreciate it.



Cubietruck and Cubiebiard 4 work with Android, already have Vga port and also wifi included.
But not sure if any of what you need will work, sry... :/


Hi, thanks for the time. can you recommend a 15-17inch touchscreen monitor that worked on cubie board?

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