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Can I make the cubietruck a netflix tv box?

Started by lipe123, October 15, 2015, 12:04:41 am

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I was originally going to try and do it with the android OS downloaded from here:

But it's really slow and can barely handle youtube playback.

So next I read that linux now supports netflix natively via chrome/chrome app. I was going to try the cubieez image next and see how that goes but I ran out of time and was wondering in the meantime if someone else has tried to do this?



Nope, i did try andoid image and Netflix app, and it was bad. Lags and stutter.
Linux well good luck with that. You might try slovenias image but dont get much hopes up.

The only thing you can use the Cubietruck is for server.

Everything else will fail due the bad software support from Cubietech.
I own 2 cubietrucks almost 2 years now and everything i wanted to do with em did fail for some reason.
I also dont have any hope the situation will get better.

If you want some good Netflix, youtube, KODI, Emulation, PC and Game streaming device, get the NVidia shield Android TV. It still has some flaws but it has much better support and can do much more.
The price might seem high, but it comes with a nice Controller that alone costs 60-70$.

Really dont waste any more time on the Cubietruck, its just not worth it.


I can't even get my CT to boot from either the SD card or the SDD, but I'm pretty sure that if you could ever get running a version of Ubuntu that ran Chrome, you'd be able to run Netflix.  That's the trick though.  The CT looks like it should have sufficient power for Netflix, but getting Ubuntu running on it seems to be the alacorn (flying unicorn per my six-year-old daughter) of OS distros.

The stock android OS installed on it seems just a little less useful than my wife's hair drier.


Depends how good the drivers for hardware acceleration for Video Playback work.

I think in Aruntu you had some extra player for Youtube.

Even if you get it running you will be still stuck on using Keyboard and mouse.

You might even be able to use the IR receiver to control netflix, but really i think its wasted effort.

You might be better off with Nvidia Shield, the fire TV Stick from Amazon or some other device.

The cubietruck would have been some nice device, if the sources where open for the hardware.

If not some good ppl had build sone usefull images the Cubietruck would just have been c r a p.

In my eyes it did not deliver what i wanted it for and thats basicly just Cubietechs fault.


Really the problem is Netflix's and Google's

They are too limited.  I checked on the Centos list and found out that you can do this on a x64 platform, using Centos7 nss and the google-chrome (from google).  I asked on the Centos-arm list and got this criticism of Netflix and Google:

You might get Chromium to build, but it brings all of the dependencies
with it (hence why it isn't included in any distro, it massively violates
distro packaging policies).

The key issue is most likely going to be that due to various DRM
requirements Netflix needs flash, which is bundled with x86 google-chrome.
This will not exist for anything other than x86, so unless netflix
provides html5 video, it's not going to happen.

Further wrt Centos support (as opposed to Fedora), the Centos7 devel is targeting cli only.  No X at this time.  So I would probably find the same set of problems with Fedora-arm.

bottom line is Netflix support on arm is a Netflix/Google limitation.  Perhaps with Android.