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Started by ikeeki, April 12, 2013, 07:47:33 pm

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Hi. Some questions.
I have a couple of images here:
I have a tutorial on how to flash a sd card with ubuntu here:

Question: Is it possible to interchange the ubuntu image for the lubuntu image without further changes (I mean not having to change steps, just the name of the images)? .

Second round:

I have this tutorial for installing fedora 18 on NAND

And these "tutorials" for the same thing, but this time ubuntu 12.10 on mele ¿?.
and debian, on mele too.
And this one for installing lubuntu on NAND

The question is: Is there any simpler tutorial for flashing internal memory (NAND) of the cubie with a lubuntu or ubuntu 12.04 image using steps, starting from a never flashed cubie?

If not: does anybody plan to write that tutorial?



For flashing the NAND, you can follow my post on that.

Essentially you need 2 partitions.  One to hold the secondary bootloader, and the second partition for the kernel + OS.
If you don't use my bootloader choice (se7en's one), you'll need to stick the kernel on the first partition with the bootloader.

You can't write a uboot to the nand currently without some work, so all you need to do is rewrite nanda and nandb

Follow my longish post in the tips / trick section on that.

The rootfs determines what distribution you're using, seeing as they're all debian based, I wouldn't bother trying out the various ones, as they're all pretty much the same thing.


Thanks. That they all are very similar is an useful tip.


hi all !
anybody have problem such as me yet?, i have install unbuntu (followed that cnxsoft- the same link of your)
But after installed, i can heard any thing from phone jack, but if I run Android ( not SD card), it's normal.
No error in Set up process. Some one help me,plz. :)
Best regard.