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GPS in cubieboard2

Started by rukid, September 24, 2015, 02:38:05 am

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Hi all.
I attached gps module on my cubieboard2 by uart on /dev/ttyS0. It's work fine on terminal, but android system dont use him in gps apps. What problems?


the problem is that you cannot hope android does it magically.
To plug device is not enough, ever. because "magic" does not exist.
Android (but all OS in general) *cannot* see there is a device if you do not instruct it to do.

you plug usb mouse/keyboard into a computer, then OS recognize it because someone wrote the driver, the usb stack, etc.

In your case, the gps application of android is not wrote to support input from /dev/ttyS0: you should edit the code (if available) and add the missed part.


maybe i should try to connect to another serial port?? Don't want to write a driver  :-\


you can try to connect to all serial ports you have, but I dubt it will work.
Once again: *magic* does NOT exist, no matter how much we wish it does.