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New Quad-core pin-pin compatible to A20

Started by @lex, August 31, 2015, 07:22:24 pm

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I have seen some speculation about a new quad-core pin to pin compatible with A20.

I wonder if Cubietech will release a CB2-QUAD or CB4 or CB40 and with very attractive price so we can apply all we have learnt so far to this new possible board, what you guys think?


if they just replace the A20 of cubieboard 2 (i am not interested in bigger layout as cubietruck) with a 4 core chip pin to pin compatible (call it A40) leaving *all* other components and layout untouched (double the ram is welcommed but not strictly needed) then it will be a good thing! it will kick the ass of raspberry 2. but this A40 must be more advanced technology, more little nm transistor geometry.
55nm scale geometry for monocore A10? is ok
55nm scale geometry for dualcore A20? is borderline
55nm scale geometry for quadcore A40? will make it hot like hell! at least allwinner must do it at 28nm.

for example, RK3188 is a 4 core at 28 nm: cloacked at 1.4ghz is just little warm.


Quote from: @lex on August 31, 2015, 07:22:24 pm
I have seen some speculation about a new quad-core pin to pin compatible with A20.

Where have you seen that?
Don't think that anyone will take more pains for his answer, as you took for your question.



And i agree with premoboss, just replace the A20 (cubieboard 2 not cubietruck) with the new supposedly ? A40 ? , a faster ethernet, 2 GB and at very low cost and take the advantage of a large community.

New quad-core / octa-core are coming "fast and furious"... :D but we have to build our knowledge on them and that takes time.


I am comfortable with the Cubietruck dimensions.  A 2.5" HD fits under it nicely.

And I have ordered the multiport sata interface; will see how that works.  It is supported in Fedora 22, and thus should also work with the Centos7 beta.