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Started by Tim, August 21, 2015, 06:12:29 am

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I'm looking for a mini-pc for a friend which is not a Linux user.
His aim is to plug his mini-pc discreetly to his video-projector, and using it to watch youtube/streaming videos, go to internet, check mail etc.

I'm interesting with the cubietruck because it seems that it's one of the most powerful mini-pc. I own a Raspberry, not the last version, but when I use it with the graphical interface it's a total mess.

So my questions are :
How easy is the cubieboard3 to use ? If I only want to use it to go to the internet and look at videos ?
Is there anyhting special that requires Linux experience you need to install in the first place ?
How fluid is the graphical interface ? Which OS is the best to use it ?
Is there any issue with the HDMI display and SATA interface ?


You're god damn right !


For a non Linux person it would be recommended Android.
It would be easier to use and videos would work better. Sata storage also works fine.
Download image from here, you can try which one suits better:
I have one of this working, although currently without sata disk:,3821.msg23913.html#msg23913



Thank you for your reply.
Do you know which internet browser is provided with Android ? Can you install something that's not on Google Play or Android Market ?
Because I can eventually help him to install basic programs on Linux (like Skype, internet browser...) it's not a problem. Then, the basic all-the-day use of his CubieBoard would be an easy just-need-to-clic.
Is the Android interface fluid ? Can you open your browser, go to youtube and watch a video easily ?

You're god damn right !


It comes with a default Android browser but it is possible to install Chrome.
You can also install Youtube app to watch videos.
In fact you can install any compatible app from Google Play Store, and also apps outside market (apk files) because this device is rooted, but first you have to enable trust on unknown sources: