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Logitech Unifying Receiver isnt useable on Cubieboard :-(

Started by guidol, June 19, 2013, 08:01:43 am

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I would like to use my Logitech K400 wireless Keyboard/Touchpad-Combination on the Cubieboard.
The K400 works fine with the supplied Logitech Unifying Receiver on my Raspberry Pi.
The Cubieboard did recognize the Unifying Receiver in Linaro (Ubuntu 12.04 LXDE) when listed with lsusb, but the Keyboard nor the Touchpad is useable :-(

A Simple Measy RC12 Air Keyboard+Touchpad for a Android TV Stick is working fine on the Cubieboard.

So - whats the difference between these 2 wireless solutions?
I did think that the Logitech solution is also a generic wireless Keyboard and Touchpad.


USB recognition (lsusb) is only half (or less) of the problem.  You also need a driver.  HID devices (mouse, keyboard) should be supported by integrated kernel drivers, but some wireless devices need a driver as well (and some don't, e.g., like this: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B004SZU0T4).


I use Fedora 19 with Cubieboard 2  and working properly.
With android does not work  :(


Logitech K400 not working on Androind 4.2.2. How fix this problem?



I also have to ask if there is any way to use the K400 on Cubieboard Android Image. Could someone offer a modified kernel to flash or something else in order to get it working?



I have k400 too, I fix it
select Device Drivers -> HID Devices -> Generic HID support -> /dev/hidraw raw HID device .



These are menuconfig settings for building the kernel from sources.


Is it possible for one of you Linux gurus to write a one click fix for us less gifted folks. Something like something we could get from the Google play store?


Quote from: splatoid on December 12, 2013, 10:16:06 pm
Is it possible for one of you Linux gurus to write a one click fix for us less gifted folks. Something like something we could get from the Google play store?

What you're asking for is more than a short evening project.  Unless the person who built the distro's kernel is involved, building and installing a device driver will also entail building and installing a new kernel and all the drivers that go along with it, as well as knowing where to put the kernel and possibly how to name it.  While I've built and uploaded kernels and drivers here, creating a turnkey update package for anything other than one specific distribution is a major undertaking (in fact, you don't see a single, central repository for all Intel-based linux distribution update managers; instead, each distro like Ubuntu, Debian, Archlinux, Red Hat, etc., has their own update mechanism and database).

Creating an autoinstaller for just one distribution requires the "guru" to be familiar with that distro, kernel building, and linux tools like bash; creating it for multiple distros requires familiarity with all of them.  Integrating a kernel installer with existing package managers like apt or yum requires an understanding of how those work, as well as a place to host the updates.

I'm not saying this is impossible -- just look at Cubian -- I'm saying it's a lot of work, and most of us have specific interests in the cubieboards that just don't encompass this.


Yeah I figured it wouldn't be a 4 hour job I'm just used to the XDA site and all the Dev's on that site that do their magic on all my android devices. I have also tried to bribe some of them to take an interest also. This is quite a niche market with these boards. If I could get an extra board I could get someone over their to spend some time on it then. I usually send money to the people who have helped me on that forum to show my appreciation. But this is a different animal. When I read the instructions you guys type for Linux commands I'm like huh what. I think my ADHD gets in the way.


Hello Sirs,

I have been able to change the Kernel options to include Hidraw modules, but there are two things pending:
In the K400 keyboard only works the mouse
The mouse do not scroll, for example, in the applications list menu.

Have you got more? How? I am trying to do the changes before compiling, so the full .img compilation file has all K400 features enabled.

I am using SDK1.07 for cubietruck.



I notice that Cubieez 2.0 on CB2 also doesn't work with my wireless K400 and K520. Seems wireless input should be default included, as many people are hooking these devices up to HDTVs...

Anyone found a better solution to install these without recompiling the kernel?