Author Topic: The Cubietruck chronicles - Chapter IV: Android TV sequel  (Read 5009 times)

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The Cubietruck chronicles - Chapter IV: Android TV sequel
« on: July 21, 2015, 05:10:35 pm »
This is an update to,3164.0.html (and all other related posts before that, you must follow the trail!)

CT = Cubietruck
DPF = Digital PhotoFrame
RPI = Raspberry Pi
TFT = 7" TFT display

Hi Everyone! I'm back!!  8)

Now for (maybe?) the final chapter of Cubietruck chronicles, because some things changed and seems this time for good...

After a few months of working well, the DPF started to (once again) fail...  :-\
The image on the screen started to shake and move like some kind of interference, but it wasn't.
Something like this:

I tried different cables, input sources, but in the end it was the VGA to RCA video converter.
After wasting a lot of time trying to fix it, I realized this actually presented an opportunity, because...

1- To buy a new or even better video converter like HDMI to RCA for instance, would cost me the same as a new RPI 2 (sadly, at least that's it in my country).
2- Buying a new RPI would give me the chance to try the new model which I was hopping to.
3- By replacing my old RPI would left a spare board with native RCA video output to hook on the TFT monitor and that way build a new DPF.
4- CT would suit perfectly as an Android TV set on a 24" non Smart TV, and that way make it "Smart".
And that way make a much better use of CT, not just a picture album...

Now let say a little bit more about #4 since it's more of this board's concern. Items 1-2-3 will be for another day's (and board) topic...

As for hardware, I just get rid of everything but top and below acrylics and On/Off button. Just back to basics.
But I have to add a little piece of plastic between CT and top acrylic to make pressure over the board and that way avoid any unwanted disconnection or memory error as in the past.

In short, no more fancy stuff... almost like in the beginning.
But with an extra: a mini wireless keyboard that will fit just great with CT and that way have remote control of Android.

Here some pictures of the rig:

As for software, I downloaded and installed this image:
It already has Kodi, but I was more interested on Netflix and Spotify, along with Chrome and Youtube.
And for wallpaper a cool one called Device Info Live WallPaper:

Here a screenshot:

So that's it! Easy as pie!
Hope you liked it, and see you around!!  ;D
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