Author Topic: Add new partition to Android 4.2 image from source code compilation (for cubie2)  (Read 2792 times)

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Hi, i compiled Android 4.2.2 (kernel 3.4.39) for Cubieboard 2, and i want now a new partition in the final image, like system, data, misc, ..., my_partition. I edited the sys_partition.fex file in the lichee/tools/pack/chips/sun7i/configs/android/sugar-cubieboard2 directory of the source code, by adding the following at the end:

                                  ;------------------------------>mmcblk0p12, mypartition
                                      name         = mypartition
                                      size = 32768
                                      downloadfile = "mypartition.fex"
                                      user_type    = 0x8000

Also, i edited the pack script to add my image in the final nand image, this part apparently works fine.

But when i check on Android shell (using adb), in the /dev/block directory, there is something named 'mypartition' but it is not apparently a directory or file, 'cause when i try to mount it manually with the mount command by doing:

                                   mount -rw -t ext4  /dev/block/mypartition  /MYPARTITION_MOUNTED   

I get the error:

                                    'mount: mounting /dev/block/mypartition on /MYPARTITION_MOUNTED/ failed: No such file or directory'

(just to be cleared, the MYPARTITION_MOUNTED folder is created, it exists)

So, my question is: is there anything else that i have to modify in the source code to add my new partition on the system and to be able to use it with some custom files on it?

Note: the image that i make for that partition, is made by using the make_ext4fs command with a folder with the custom files, when i get the .img file, i make the fex file from it, by now, it is 10MB only.

I'm kind of stuck on this problem, is there some one that could help me on this? thank you very much in advanced. Best regards.