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To the Moderator - excessive authentication

Started by jwzumwalt, June 14, 2015, 04:06:59 pm

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This is a polite suggestion that your message verification is too extreme and I believe you will loose many very qualified individuals that do not have the time to waste in order to answer a quick question and go through the gauntlet verification process.

One captcha questions is bearable but what you have going on is going to cripple user support and eventually someone will set up a forum that makes this one obsolete. Just my opinion :)

In the last 10min I have attempted to answer 2 questions and your board has crashed on both occasions. Do you feel users will continue to support that?


Unfortunately, its a necessary evil.  Its either that, or the board becomes overwhelmed with spam.

To date, the board is fairly clear of spam.
There are the odd non-automated logins to cleanup, but nowhere near the scale of previous boards I've run/moderated.

Blame the evils of the internet.


keep on with necessary evil: it is always better that to find here spam. i hate it.