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Aruntu slow performance

Started by Pipote, March 01, 2015, 11:12:14 am

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Hi everybody!

Anyone with slow performance of aruntu in cubietruck?

I recently installed last version and from the first boot it start everything soooooo slow...
Not only the startup ,any app ,browser,filemanager etc it takes more then a minute to start and if it does ( trying to use the assistant to connect wifi in the upper right corner its impossible ) it freezes up the system for minutes and even try to go to a console tty doesnt work

I've installed the system in a sd card 32gb ,same where previously installed lubuntu and the performance was normal so i guess the card its ok...
Ive followed the installation tutorial in the website

Any idea what may happen?



Just try another card.

I have experianced a very similar issue: I have installed an CB2 image on card A and it worky perfectly. Then I installed the exact image in the exact same way on card B -> terrible performance, completely unuseable.

Good luck
Don't think that anyone will take more pains for his answer, as you took for your question.