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No continuous playback in Debian Cubieez

Started by osella.esteban, February 09, 2015, 06:45:29 am

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Hi everyone!

I've installed the image cubieez-cb2-nand-hdmi-v2.0.img and since early versions of debian cubieez I'm not capable of reproducing a playlist of more than a single media file. Neither with gnome media player nor with the mplayer.
It just stop at the end of the playing file and does not continuous with the next, I've to manually click next, and play, in order to listen next song or view next video.  :(  ???

Has anyone experienced equivalent situation?

The second problem I had was playing video. When I maximize the window to a bigger size than video's original size, image  gets delayed (like many x). :-\ :-\

Any idea about solving those problems?

Thanks in advance!