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1080p in android 4.0.4 for cubieboard A10

Started by fulvous, March 01, 2016, 04:44:37 pm

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Hi people!

I have some cubieboards A10, I was able to build from source my own rom.

I used the following tweaks:


Change line 438 from:

screen0_output_mode      = 5


screen0_output_mode      = 10


Change line 770 from:



I was able to boot properly and I now have android using 1080p definition without problems.

My main problem is, when I try to whatch a movie on netflix or a youtube video, my max definition is 360p and there are no other options to manipulate the streamming quality.

Googling I found some options:

1) download a youtube app compiled for 1080p:  Done, but it only crashes over and over without playing any video.

2) change the build.prop values to simulate another android version: Done via buildprop.apk, no changes, video quality was the same with play store downloaded apps.

3) change the build.prop values to simulate other device like a samsung s3: Done rebuilding the image, but no playstore working. so youtube and netflix could not be downloaded.

At this point I ran out of ideas, and I am start thinking there is no way to do it.
Any ideas will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!
Let's make this work!!!