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Russian Spam cleanup

Started by lawrence, December 15, 2014, 03:12:40 am

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Today we had a whole slew of Russian spam today from multiple accounts coming from multiple ip's, mostly in the .ru region.

I think I cleaned it all up, but if I missed any, please report it to moderators with the report button, so that I can delete any I've missed.

Botnet's grr...

Lawrence / 小杜


Seem to be a lot of bogus accounts over the last week or two, I may need to delete any accounts that haven't posted anything, that are under a week old.

This may affect some users that just registered, apologies if this affects you, but I do need to clean up the spammer registrations!

If you are affected, apologies, as you'll need to re-register and preferably post something to prove you're a human. 

You can blame the evil spammers.