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Can't install OS's on cubietruck nand

Started by filipecouto, December 13, 2014, 09:31:42 am

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Hello guys, I tryed to install several imgs on my cubietruck nand via phoenixsuit, but I was only abble to make it work the lubuntu and adroid, all others, cubian, debian, ubuntu and so long after I do the process the cubie starts but there is no video, I try to swicth betwen VGA and HDMI but still no video.

Am I doing something wrong?  :o

PLEASE HELP, this lubuntu have a lot of bugs  >:( >:(


I Will try one of these, thanks for the support!


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Yes, Cubieboards has problems with VGA and HDMI - they do not detect video mode, EDID is not working even in new kernels. You need to connect using SSH, mount boot partion and change script.bin's disp_init section.

I'm waiting for a new KMS driver which should solve these problems. If you can dontate, please donate to Luc Verhaegen, he will find developers and will write KMS driver.