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DIY Case Project

Started by BlietXroupista, January 20, 2013, 10:31:11 pm

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Help me choose a project !!

Enclosure Case
4 (57.1%)
Tight Case
3 (42.9%)

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January 20, 2013, 10:31:11 pm Last Edit: January 21, 2013, 10:25:27 am by admin
Anyway, i am about to start a case project for my cubieboard(will arrive this week...i think...). Didn't even thought of buying one, cause im good at those diy stuff( as i've been told :lol: ).

Plywood is the first that comes in mind, probably 4-5mm thick. Easy to work with, easy to be found...
Can't afford machines like 3D printer or laser-cutter, so everything will be made by hand  :o

For start, i think i have to decide what type of case i will make:
(1) An enclosure case, like this : -
(2) A tight, board-like case like this :

-If i choose option (1), bending around plywood would be done with this method .
It's called "the kerf bend" technique and it's a bit tricky to achieve but...possible. Also an enclosure case will allow an internal sata,or a "big" wifi dongle, a gps dongle or maybe internal speakers-mic-camera to be connected and well-hidden in there...
-As for option (2), i don't have to explain much.It's a more easy build... 6 pieces of plywood panel glued together and maybe trimmed to give the "round edges" illusion, one for up, one for bottom and the 4 others for each side, properly cut to allow peripheral connections to the cubieboard.
I'm still in a dilemma though...
Feel free to post any ideas or even vote for poll above  ::)

I haven't also found an actual scale photo of cubieboard to work with until i get the board on-hands(ordered it 3 days ago from with DHL). If anyone happens to have one, maybe bottom/up actual scale of the board, it would be helpful to post it here.

:)Thanks :)


January 21, 2013, 12:19:22 am #1 Last Edit: January 21, 2013, 12:21:58 am by lawrence
Images with scale ref:

upload by sheedl, on Flickr

upload by sheedl, on Flickr

Suggest work with the foam packaging size
That gives a base of  11.5cm x 8cm

Images of that here:

upload by sheedl, on Flickr

upload by sheedl, on Flickr

My 3d printer arrives today or tomorrow, so I may be persuaded to knock out a case.
I'd prefer someone else to do the hard work though :)

(Not that I'm lazy, its just that there aren't enough hours in the day for everything).


Thanks bro, really thanks! I was looking for such photos for ages! ???
I was i had a 3d-printer too, they are very very helpful... how much did yours cost ?


I fixed a poll for you buddy :)



I'm partial to the tight case design, myself...and preferably clear.

My cubieboard is supposed to arrive with the "Simple Case" option shown here:

I'm thinking of adding a third platform on the bottom of the Simple Case to house an SSD drive that will be connected to the SATA port. 


Just printed the one from here -

China is being a bit funky today about uploading, but i have some of the first levels here.
I do have a completed one, but the photos aren't uploading at the moment. GFW is being funky -

cubie board case by sheedl, on Flickr

The design needs a little bit of change, but not too bad.


Very nice so far man! Cool printer too!! I wish i had one too, even a lego-made one hehe  :-[


Video of my first print using it here -

(the cubie case was the 2nd print)


So i chose to stick with the wooden tight-case least for now. It came out pretty solid, considering i had no wood-router, CNC or 3D printer. Although i haven't finished the case yet(a top cap and painting left), i thought it'd be good to post some early images here for extra opinions, ideas etc...

Ok, this is what i got so far :

* The little wooden block on top of Ethernet socket will be glued only to the top cap(not done yet) to let the board pulled out easily when i open the case.
* Tools i needed for the project also included in the slideshow above...
* I'm still looking for a decent power button though. I know photo's power button looks like crap :P ::)
* Also, to prevent further relevant questions...yes i didn't make holes for micro-usb, FEL button and gpio, cause i don't mind to just pull the board out of the case every time i use these ports(very rarely).

Well that's for now. I will post additional photos as soon as im done with the upper cap and(or) case paint!