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Cubian X1 is out ;)

Started by cubieplayer, October 07, 2014, 10:31:07 pm

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Really like the layout, but having major stability issues, especially upon reboot. Tried reinstalling to 2 different SD cards.  There's a possibility they're both corrupt, but for now, moving onto a different distro. May try again after further updates


Same for me, Mate is quite nice...
Hope to test the next version soon! ;-)


I always reboot like this, although i am using old cubian, not X1. It is okay to me, no corrupt so far.
$ sync
$ sync
$ reboot


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Quote from: cubieplayer on October 15, 2014, 11:48:05 pm
Quote from: WaveCut on October 15, 2014, 03:56:30 pm
I got my CT constantly loading for 20min at first boot, no visible progress. Will try to reset it now.

Press ctrl + alt + f2 to show the booting log

segfault, sadly

after couple of reboots i got it farer, but, you can see, segfault is still there, and at some random moment os just freezes and become unresponsive

sorry for photos :)


To me, that appears to be a memory problem in your RAM.
A segfault typically occurs when memory being addressed is not available for a particular reason.
Since it appears to not be producing the segfault consistently in the same place each time, I would suspect RAM.
Have you run another OS on this computer ok recently?
Can you run system tests to check your system?


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Quote from: ToaoF999 on October 29, 2014, 07:04:47 am
I've added the one in mstab..
DOn't recall exactly but should be something like:
/dev/sda1  /mnt/SSD240       vfat  defaults, users       0 0

And after reboot, when i try to open the ssd, got a msg that only root is able to mount it

Did you install "dosfstools" in Cubian X1 ? It's needed for vfat ;)


HI, where can I find a list of features like listed for the Igor image? What is the kernel / MALI version ?

Thx for the new image !


Quote from: Pit on December 09, 2014, 03:36:39 pm
HI, where can I find a list of features like listed for the Igor image? What is the kernel / MALI version ?

Thx for the new image !


Maybe if You go on the right topic?!,1275.0.html


like listed for the Igor image - I'm looking for the same for Cubie X1

- Peter


Quote from: Pit on December 09, 2014, 08:23:37 pm
like listed for the Igor image - I'm looking for the same for Cubie X1

- Peter

My mistake as you put the like to igor's website  ;D

For cubian, on the first page, there is the link to
And there is also the Git, where you should found more infos:

Hope it helps.


Help Please.  I am representing a open navigation software group.  The group develops Opencpn.  Up until now Cubian X from the August build with kernal version 3.4.79 has worked very well with opencpn and hardware acceleration has worked excellent.  The current Cubian X1 version will not work at all with opencpn and we wanted to report our issues to you. Best thing is to look over at this page

Opencpn on ARM is ver important for many many sailors as we have been forced to use laptops using 80-90 amp/hrs of power for navigation a day up until now.  This break through now lets us use 12-24 amp/hrs a day for navigation.  Thankyou for Cubian X.  We look forward to the fixes in hardware excelleration that will let us move to X1.


Hey Cubians :)
a few questions from Denmark :)

im pretty much diggin this distro, but is there anyway to make the boot stable ? So every reboot dosent feel like a gamble :)
Or is there a distro with desktop which is totally stable an with all drivers ?

And mostly important and why im here, i have setup samba server on my cubian but, but both the read and write speed seems to be locked at 11,2 MB\s ?

Is this a know issue or is der some kind of fix :)


I got speeds quite the same value. Dont know why that is, but if you find a solution I would totally want to know ;)
Ipferf tests were around 700MBit/s, so it could definitly go higher.



is there any alternativ source to download the Cubian Images?
Torrent doesn´t work for me :(

Please help me for Cubietruck HDMI with Desktop

Thank u


Try this:
Click on the right where it says (440.12MB) to download.