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Create image (for nand) without SD from running SO

Started by jmaurin, September 21, 2017, 10:03:59 am

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I'm working on a project of a friend and they have about 300 boards for internal use in his company. These boards are custom-development based on cubieboard v2 (I guess) with 8Gb NAND and no SD-Card and nodisplay (thse boards are for data collectors and remote-accessed only).
The problem is that the company that build/developed this board and SO has quit and we need to update SO/software to latest version.
After looking for some solutions, I found that kernel 4.x doesn't support NAND, so I'm using Armbian Jessie (5.25) with legacy kernel 3.x and it's working. I have one board as 'model' and this onde has SD card slot, so I can test new apps and SO's. I also have managed to user 'nand-sata-install' to install current SO (running on SD card) to NAND successfull!
Now, I need to create and IMG to write direct on NAND of this boards, since all other 300 boards doesn't have SD Card. The 'original' and old image create by old company uses Phoenix suit to write to NAND. So my question is: how do I create a new .img (or any other type) image that I can burn into NAND flash directly? Is there any how-to?
If is need, I can use my 'model' board that has SD Card to save image or something like this.