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Cubietruck as a USB device

Started by nostromo, April 02, 2014, 05:22:52 am

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Hello, everybody.
I've got a problem. When I bought Cubietruck I planned to used it as a media centre for my telly, but I couldn't settle the device for playing FullHD video. I'm trying Android, Lubuntu, Cubian and Cubieez. Of course, FullHD video is played, but the quality must to be better. At the moment Cubietruck used as home file storage.
My TV can play video files via its USB port and do it perfectly.
So, I have a question: how can I connect the TV set to Cubietruck as USB disk with Debian based OS?
P.S. Sorry for my bad English, but I hope you understand me and my problem.


I have the same problem and question. Is it possible to use Cubietruck as a usb storage(i.e. content of SATA disk connected to Cubietruck is visible to my TV via USB cable)? I don't wont use DLNA, HDMI etc. I would like my TV decode and play content written on disk connected to Cubie.



Search google with "sunxi usb gadget mass storage".



modprobe g_mass_storage file=/dev/nanda removable=y

If the module is not found, you're probably need to (re-) compile the kernel with it...