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Open VPN

Started by skdauser, May 09, 2013, 04:12:15 am

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Hi All,
Is there a working OpenVPN binary (install) for Ubuntu (or other Linux distro) on Cubieboard. I want use Cubie as Linux OpenVPN server and home NAS (and maybe a file downloader). Which distribution is recommended for that purpose. (Sorry for my english.)


No one tried install openvpn from ubuntu repository (if there is something like that)??? I found manual how to install openvpn+tun.ko on raspberry board (i think it was raspbian OS with his repositories) so the question is: Is there a possibility to install the same raspbian OS on cubieboard?  Or can someone check if there is openvpn on  linaro/ubuntu for cubie? Thank you.


just try it out. I would start with the raspberry OS.


The problem is that i dont have my cubieboard yet, but i ordered it from ebay and i wanna know if i will be able to use it as openvpn server  ::)


Just, if anyone cares - openvpn on cubie linaro is up and working  8)


I care. Did it just "work" after getting openvpn configured? I used berryboot to get linaro and I am having trouble using the tunN interface for a VPN.


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