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Any 10" TFT LCD panels someone can suggest that work with CT?

Started by Zefor, August 30, 2014, 06:56:45 pm

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Don't want to waste my money and buy something not compatible. Any suggestions for a 10" TFT LCD that will easily work with CT?


Hello. I bought one of these and it arrived broken. The second one was fine and I have used it since. I keep thinking I am going to buy a 2.1 mm plug with screws and get a sealed lead acid battery for it. But for now, use a 1 A 12 V wall wart for an old scanner. It does not need 2 A.


It is now priced about $10 cheaper than I paid in May. Remember to select HDMI as input, so that you get a picture. It is not touch screen, and I have never seen a touch screen adapter for a 10 inch.

I purchased a sheet of acrylic to put this in. I cracked the plastic but with bolts, acorn nuts, and nylon spacers of the same thickness as the screen, it is protected. I have not taken the transparent but dark protector off of the screen yet, thinking some day I will have planned who to actually package the screen to protest it. The wires are fragile, and I figure at some point I will cut bigger pieces of plastic, attach the hdmi, vga circuit board and the selector panel to it some how.


This works, I have one, use it daily. I have a short HDMI cable from Monoprice for the video connection.


Are there any type of touchscreens at all that work with cubietruck that are 10" or larger. I would like to use my cubie like a tablet. Thank you.