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Musical Project with Cubie

Started by Mark Lyra, July 01, 2014, 03:11:05 pm

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Mark Lyra

Hello people,

I'm newbie in this area, for the truth, I never see a cubie board in my hands.

I'm brazilian musician, and this board makes thinks about to use it in a synthesizer or a digital stompbox... the first, I was thinking to use with android apps to simule some synthesizer, but the high lantency is a great problem in android system (  :'( heaven's mercy! Please some ASIO driver for the droid!)...

...after that I was thinking of using an operating system that is the synthesizer itself, but do not understand anything about programming... that's not an option, at least not for me... the case of stompbox, we have the same problem with high latency if we use android app's.

My questions are:

1 - Cubie truck support the IOS?
If support will be very handy, since this operating system possesses affinity for musical applications...

2 - The hardware support such musical applications of low latency?

Well, guess it's just for a while. If anyone ever tried something like, share!

I would be even more useful in the matter of assembling the mechanical part with 3dpts and the electronics part.

Hugs and stay in peace.

Marcos Lyra
P.S.: Sorry for my bad english, in part google translator, another by myself...


It does support Android and Apps from Google play. Processor is a dual core 1 GHz...
Sry Im not a musician but if you already tried the software on a cellphone it should also work on a CT...
sorte!  :D