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Can I add extra ethernet port ?

Started by remus, December 30, 2013, 07:57:33 pm

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Hi all,

Can I add an extra ethernet port to the cubieboard ? I'd probably want to do it to the cubieboard 3.

Because I'd like to use the cubieboard as a file server for my office network, attached to a sata hard drive. If it had an extra ethernet port I could hook it up directly to a second cubieboard that was acting as a backup server for the first, and bypassing my regular network.


I have been asking for a multi-port ethernet addon so that I can build a router!  And no such animal.  Yet.

Consider implementing VLAN tagging.  It is often found under discussions of 'one arm routers'.  With that you put a simple switch in and your backup ssytem works to your main system over VLAN tag 2.  Regular traffic is untagged.


why not? just buy USB-Ethernet controller, it will work flawlessly.