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Can someone help me compile a driver ?

Started by AndiBcool, April 24, 2014, 06:54:05 pm

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Hmm i try this shit now about a few months, searching google, read here and there but i think this Cubietruck and the Kernel/image is f*cked up.
When i try to compile this driver without downloading the whole kernel source nothing works as aspected.
ATM i try the newest version of the image i stated in my 1st post. It should include the linux headers and Module.sysmvers.
Normally the Make files look under usr/src/linuxheaders...
If i look unter usr/src there is nothing.
Instead it seems the headers are under usr/include/
I can even create the directory and copy all stuff from usr/include to the directory but it still dont work with the compiling.
And even if i manage to compile the driver i find there is still something missing because its not in the right directory or whatever.

I think even with a step by step guide (something i asked about serveral times but still not have any)
its still not possible to compile something with that image and the supplyed linux headers.

The image is great i think, its just not for compiling something.
Since i dont have the knowlege to find out whats wrong i can only give up this mess.
I guess this is the big reason why ppl actually sell the Cubietruck after a short while.
Its good for only very few things and most stuff dont even work right.

Most ppl expect a working powerfull system but get a SoC where you have to spend hours, days, months or even years to get everything working.

When i look at the Raspberry pi you can do much more things with that but it is to weak for decent things.
If the Cubietruck would be like the Raspberry pi now is it would be some awesome hardware but at the state of now its mostly crap for me, because of the lack of drivers, software and usefull guides.
The Wiki at http://linux-sunxi.org/Main_Page i cant either find or is is just like that ? Well it seems its more aimed for the skilled Linux fan/developer to me its mostly useless.

Dont know if someone does not start a wiki with easy working guides i dont think the Cubietruck will never get a bigger comunity. Personally i hate to ask the OS developers things because they already spend a lot time make it better for all for us and thats without charging anything.