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Server Migration

Started by lawrence, June 02, 2014, 05:36:45 am

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I will be migrating the board to a newer server (usa4.computersolutions.cn) sometime this week, as the server its currently on (usa2.computersolutions.cn) is scheduled for shutdown at the end of this month due to age.

The new server is on a 1Gig backbone (current server is only 100M backbone), so it should mean faster load times.

This may mean some downtime while DNS propagates - I'll try to put the old board into a "read only mode" during the migration.

I'll update this post with further details once we're closer to the migration.


cubie pi

In the meantime everyone can migrate to cubiuntu.com where al the action is.


Isn't Cubiuntu being deprecated now for Aruntu?
Besides, its an OS port of ubuntu (I think), not an overall forum for Cubie's allwinner devices.


Server Migration still in process.

My internet here decided to crap out for a few days, and haven't been able to get online.
Benefits of living in the 3rd world I guess!

Will be trying this again next week..