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phoenixsuit not working

Started by joselalupa, May 22, 2014, 04:10:36 pm

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a weird trouble with phoenixsuit....i used it to install cubieez on my cb2, it worked fine, today i tried to open the same image and many others but i receive a error message:

open firmware failed! couldn't upgrade
possible reasons:
1.version of the firmware is too old
2.the firmware format is broken
3.the firmware is used by other by other application

as i mentioned earlier...i had installed before the images i am trying, the cubieez image is dated sept 19 2013, i've downloaded the image several times, there's no other program running, i even format my computer, it is running clean.
i've read about renaming the file to delete chinesse character, the name of the image don't have any but i renamed to cubie....anyone could help me? i am getting mad about this.

i am running windows7


Download PhoenixSuit 1.06 from here:

and do not update it to 1.08 when asked ::)