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Compiling DVBSKY driver

Started by tija, May 21, 2014, 05:11:37 am

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could someone help me compiling a driver for my dvb-s2 usb device. (

I'm using this image on Cubieboard2

All needed packages have been installed (make, build-essentials, ...)

As explained in some other threads I downloaded the kernel sources from GIT

download zip of
unzip file
link /lib/modules/build to linux-sunxi
cd linux-sunxi
zcat /proc/config.gz>.config
make prepare
make scripts

tar xfz media_build_bst_121102.tar.gz
cd media_build_bst

The I got WARNING: Symbol version dump ~/linux-sunxi-pat-3.4.79+/Module.symvers is missing; modules will have no dependencies and modversions.

But as also read in other threads that shouldn't be a problem.

Although I could get the compilation finished.

"make process" stops with linux/if_link.h not found ... but this file is available.

Could someone give it a try or give me some hints?


The missing linux headers is part of the problem. Because we dont have linux headers you will also missing
Module.symvers. Without it you cant compile a working driver it seems.
This file is also not in the zip File slovenia did provide.

Here is what i found with same problem on raspberry pi:

"The main problem with that, is the absence of a file named Module.symvers, that contains the symbol versions of the running kernel and all of its modules. That file would normally come in the linux-headers package, that I mentioned above. To get that file, and be able to build 'good' modules for the kernel, you would need to build the entire kernel and all its modules yourself. At the end of the build, the file will be created."

By the way no need to start topics with the same problem. You just could have used my for your question, because its the same problem.


I created a new topic because I don't want to mess up your thread.

Yes both topics are about compiling modules ... but we're talking about different modules so I just thought maybe it's better to have a second topic.

btw. I finished to compile the modules but when trying to load the module I got an error:

modprobe ... exec format error