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do you want cb1 and cb2 heatsinks?

Started by totalguy, January 24, 2014, 02:42:16 pm

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ive been looking for heatsinks for my 2 cubieboard 2's and having little luck but i have found somewhere i can get ones to fit quite well. We are talking 2 heatsinks both the same size one for the 2 ram chips and 1 for the processor including thermal sticky pads.

the problem is i have to buy in bulk to get them so i was wondering if theres a market for this? the heatsinks are 20 x 20 x 6mm so will fit in the simple clear perspex case without modification. of course they will fit the clu cooler i think perfect but across the 2 ram chips would be slightly small but would cover most of the chips leaving approximately 0.5mm either side


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use heat sinks and make your cpu safe !
REF ::


nice i tried to find any documentation on this on the link you gave i couldnt seem to find it


cool thanks, ive been trying the image on there on my cb2 but i cant seem to get internet access ive plugged in ethernet cable and its not working. i tried changing some settings but nothing worked


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ok -
You can enable it by following these two steps:
1. To check under what name the LAN is associated write "ifconfig -a"
2. If, for example, it is under eth0 name, then write: "dhclient eth0″
This should enable the Ethernet and then SSH would also be available.

Example Image (new link



just for your information: it is very easy to build sufficient heatsinks on your own. This is what I did:

  • found an old CPU heatsink in one of my boxes (you can also buy them for less then 1 Euro (might be a little more in Dollar).

  • measured the size of the A20 on my CB2 (you can also have a look into the data sheet ;) ). It is ~19mmx19mm

  • took my Dremel 300 and cut out a nice fitting piece out of the heatsink

  • smoothed the edges with a fine file (not the digital data thing, but the tool!). This is important to have good contact and no sharp between the heatsink and the processor.

  • took some thermal adhesive and glued the heatsink on the A20.

The result was satisfying :) . I run my CB2 20% overclocked since months (normal use and benchmarks) and it has never become unstable.

I don't want to encouarge you to overclock, but just recycle the things you might already have at home  8) .

Don't think that anyone will take more pains for his answer, as you took for your question.



i have heatsinks on the ram chips and cpu on 2 cb2's one of my cb2's has been running for over 60 days non stop linux on sd card running bfg miner (bitcoin mining) ive only had to restart it a few times but otherwise its been running 24/7


-  remove heatsink from ram chips
- check heatsink heat-when use your cb - most of time - also with heatsink - the temp raising above 50C
- check your power source



im having no problems both ram and cpu around 26c


I have no heatsinks on my RAMs at all  :o  :o
Don't think that anyone will take more pains for his answer, as you took for your question.