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How to build ubuntu 14.04 core Nand Image

Started by benn, May 14, 2014, 06:46:49 am

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Hmm. It keeps on rebooting on my Board. The original Lubuntu image does work after re-flasing it to nand. any-one else experiencing this issue too?


I think it is rather embarrassing of Cubie to put out this image in it's current form.  I realize the Cubie's are development boards and an owner should be prepared for tweaking and fixing things but to have this thing load without network support at boot?  That's ridiculous.  Furthermore, no documentation so you don't even know why it's not working.  The only way I figured out how to make it work was by chance and reading information on other posts here at the forum.  Doing stuff like this just creates a perception that a board maker is not serious about continued support of their hardware.  What good is a board if you can't easily get OS's and software which works out of the box with no or little work?  I have been disappointed with the stock Android images (with no apparent upgrade to KitKat either) and the stock Linux images are stale.  If it hadn't been for Igor's Debian image I would have sold my Cubietruck and moved on to something else a few months ago.  As it is now, I am getting tired of it and have lost interest in Cubie's products and would purchase another manufacturer's board if I were in the market for one again.


It is a bit of a shame that there isn't a more "official" and standard version of the Ubuntu 14.04 distribution for the Cubieboard/Cubietruck that works out of the box - having said that, the Ubuntu option isn't even there for the Raspberry Pi, so swings and roundabouts I guess.

Aside from not being able to switch this image to SSD, and the tweaks already recorded here to get it up and running, I've got to say that the install has been fantastic for me on my Cubietruck.  I've had it running as my main mail server for a few weeks now, and have had no issues at all - very pleased with the performance gain over the Sheevaplug that it replaced too.



Just tried to follow this howto, but when doing the first git :
git clone https://github.com/cubieboard/linux-sdk-products.git products
it says it can't find the repository.

Any hints, please ?


Confirmed the git files are not available anymore.

Could you update that sources?


cb_build_nand_image does not exist any more :(