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Cubieboard notebook project help? Battery?

Started by visionaryBlender, May 04, 2014, 10:17:56 am

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Hello, this is my first post on the forum, please go easy on me.

I plan to purchase a Cubieboard 2 in the near future for a portable DIY notebook project. I plan to use a small case purposed for tablets, with a 10.1 inch IPS screen, From here: www.dx.com/p/10-1-digital-ips-screen-1280-x-800-drive-board-for-raspberry-pcduino-cubieboard-black-275804

Here is an image of my case + keyboard.

So what I wish to ask is, what battery could I use that will support the screen and the Cubieboard, which is chargable, and has a decent battery life, (not asking for too much, 3-4 hours is enough.) and how would I go around setting it up so that it's compatible with Debian/Ubuntu?

Thank you.


Quote from: actkk2000 on May 04, 2014, 02:35:47 pm
Here it is mentioned a battery that shoud work with CT:

Yeah, I very much considered a Li battery, I am just unsure about the shipping restrictions. Nontheless, I think I found a powerbank that I can hopefully substitute as a battery for the Cubieboard. Thanks anyway, Kavinsky.  ;)


Have you received the screen? I ordered one of these about two days before this post. It arrived, but broken. I still wonder if I can just buy another lvds screen and use the controller, it seems fine.


This is not an ad for dx.com, but I bought this same screen. The first one arrived very broken. The second one arrived in perfect shape. Just an HDMI cable from the Cubie to the controller, and selecting HDMI as input (like your TV selecting DVD or what ever) resulted in a beautiful, high resolution screen from Fedora 18 updated to Fedora 20.
It is about $85, but the controller can be used with VGA as well as just AV input. I am trying to get some Plexiglas as a protective transparent container for it before I experiment a lot, but it seems that this is worth the money. I am running it with a 12 V 1 A wall wart. Soon I hope to get a sealed 12 V lead acid battery. I have a 12000 mA 5 V 2.1 A output phone charger that I will use to power the Cubie and with the 12 V battery to power the screen, I should have a portable computer.