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MATE desktop on cubietruck available???

Started by jedie, April 29, 2014, 02:31:05 pm

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Is there a MATE desktop available on cubietruck? Someone tested it? Fast enough to work with it?

Download links?


The deb repro is down :(

I have send lauri a mail about this.


I have update slovenia's debian from wheezy to jessie and installed mate packages:
aptitude install xserver-xorg xserver-xorg-core lightdm \
    gnome-icon-theme \
    mate-desktop \
    mate-themes mate-panel \
    mate-system-monitor mate-terminal \
    caja engrampa \

But this is not enough. e.g. mate-session is missing, but seems to missing in debian reprository.


I add this:
deb jessie main
to get all needed packages, see:

Seems to work good!  ;D


I try to collect the really needed packages for a minimal desktop.
Current list of xserver-xorg-core lightdm mate-session-manager is not enough.

Seems that xserver-xorg-video-fbdev and xserver-xorg-input-evdev needed, isn't it?



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June 6th 2014

I should receive my cubietruck sometimes next week, it arrived in Chicago this morning so it should not take long to get here in Michigan.

I will port my funtoo linux with mate desktop to the cubietruck. It performs very well on the odroid, It won't be quite as fast on the cubietruck which runs only at 1Ghz vs 1.7Ghz on odroid. It should work fine, slightly faster than my funtoo on the Mele.

I will put the image on my Suzie Linux web site at sourceforge. I do not plan to continue support of the Arch Linux versions but concentrate on the funtoo versions which are much more performant. I will continue support for Cubietruck as well as Odroid.



Hi guys, I am the same Lauri :P

Most MATE packages have landed in jessie, but you can still get the missing ones from my repo ;)