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Radxa RK3188 Board

Started by lawrence, March 22, 2014, 02:44:28 am

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Anyone played with it?

Also from the same people that did the cubieboard.

RK3188 based.


Great performance, not open as cb (YET). Plays 1080p video very smoothly. This is my Android experience. Have yet to build a linux to see the performance and compare. If you are looking for a truly open board i would not go for it, performance is 'unbeatable' for a quad core.  This is what i feel so far.


missing 1Gig net and sata port


Yes, I have one and XBMC interfaces runs the smoothest over CT and BBB. It's not much fun at the moment with limited distros support.

I would really like to benchmark 3D but linux quake is unable to run yet on CT or RXA but great on BBB.