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Cubian installation on 64Gb sdcard problem A20

Started by notihnio, April 17, 2014, 03:07:40 am

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I tried to install cubian on my 64gb sdcard. It boots normaly but i exprerience some ext4 journal problems. The root fs is mounted ro and i cannot remount it rw. If i disable journaling root fs can be mounted rw. But system is quite unstable.

I installed cubian on a 8gb sd card and works  like a charm.

My question: why i cannot use my 64gb sd??



no solution but a hint.

i installed Qbee-X and Cubiuntu an two different 64 G sdcard. (sandisk extrem and ultra uhs)
Cubietruck works like a charm ;-=

Kingston-SDCards often have problems.


Thanks for the hint. Your installations based on ext4 with journal?


I suggest you to check your SD card for capacity, by special tools like "SD Card Test" or similar.