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Is Coubie A10/A20 suitable for learning of embedded ARM development ?

Started by ponyatov, April 17, 2014, 04:25:13 am

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I'm searching on cheap hw ARM9/11 platform (with large GPIO 16+ pins - it's critical)
for learning of bare metal and embedded linux development:
- no android
- no ready-to-use linux build from supplier
I need complete dev.cycle -- building of u-boot, linux kernel, uclibc and target application software

preffered hw suppor in generic kernel, kernel patches from supplier gives some hemorr -- old kernel versions, breakings in minor kernel version updates

preferred kernel 3.13+ (i have homebrewed buildkit for x86, need to port it on arm)

does AllWinner A10/A20 supports BOOT0 firmware update mode via (FF?)UART
without using JTAG ?

does CoubieBoard have open-source bootloader firmware ?