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boot loader

Started by jacknob, April 02, 2014, 07:12:26 am

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I successfully installed cubian to the SD Card and copied it to an internal SATA Drive. I also figured out to modify /boot/uEnv.txt to start it from SATA. Then I played around and installed it to the nand. It took a while to notice what and where to modify uEnv.txt. I edited it to /dev/nandc and then did the cubian-nandinstall. Modified again and then safely rebooted.

I now can start safely on nand or by inserting the SD card from either SD or SATA. However, I have to change the uEnv.txt on the sd card.

I now wonder if I can edit uEnv.txt to make the root=/dev/mmcblk0p1 | root=/dev/sda2 | root=/dev/nandc selectable. It would be gread to have one selectable as default (the /dev/sda2 shall be default).

Any ideas? I am not familiar with uEnv.txt and couldn`t find options via google - probably still missing the right words for google search.

Thank you!


i only know 1 way to multi boot and its berryboot

i havent got the chance to try it yet thou.  :D