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Cubieboard2 and cubieez

Started by aban569, March 18, 2014, 12:14:55 pm

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Hi my names Dan and i've joined up mainly because i've brought a cubieboard2 but don't really have any programming ability, and understanding stuff seems a bit of a night mare.

I currently have cubieez installing and working after a couple of evenings messing around and looking on forums and googling. But now i hit a wall. I would like a 3rd party software like rhythmbox etc for music, and i would like to get a touch screen monitor working with it aswell, but this is where i need help.

If anyone can give me pointers, on wether i am using the right OS for my needs or if there is a better one that people would recommend i would be greatful. (I would like to install it on the NAND if at all possible)

many thanks


Everyone has the same problems, youtube, a decent music and video player, smooth browsing and HD capabilities.

however, as far as i can see the community is weak and even basic needs are ignored.

Sorry. Same boat here. Currently my plans to cubieboard is just a torrent client forever. at least works great in this job. :-[


I know Linux basics and i can install web server, samba, mysql, change os, but didnt know anything about programming.


Thanks for the replies.
Just some help with touchscreen would be great really other things can wait