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Simplify powering multiple cubieboards

Started by electrocret, March 11, 2014, 03:01:11 pm

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I've been browsing the web, and have noticed that every time I see someone who has multiple Single board computers (SBC), they have an individual power adapter for each one, which ends up eating alot of power plugs, or the person has a custom home made rectifier which doesn't usually appear the safest, or most practical. I'm mostly making this thread to point out that the power that SBCs use are pretty standard, and there are simpler options.

For example: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00ELBENAC/ref=oh_details_o00_s00_i01?ie=UTF8&psc=1

While yes, you won't be able to have a cubieboard with a HDD on each port, you can have one on a few, and most implementations I see with multiple boards don't have  HDDs.

If you want to go above and beyond a simple rectifier, such as a UPS style backup. There are already existing solutions. http://www.amazon.com/EC-TECHNOLOGY%C2%AE-Lightning-Smartphone-Blackberry/dp/B00D8QIQ22/ref=pd_sim_sbs_cps_55?ie=UTF8&refRID=0CZVWF1DQ0K58AF9KP1N

Anybody have thoughts on this?

P.S. I've been personally using the EasyAcc 5 port power supply on my cubies, and its been working like a champ. no problems.
Please applaud if you find what I say helpful! :)


I had been thinking about this, if I could ever afford a constellation of Cubies and connect them for multiple core compiling of software.
I thought of something like this


Connected to power strips, with polarized plugs used to make sure the + and - were correct. That is, buy multiple usb with the correct sized jack, then cut off the usb connector. Connect the red and black wires to a usual wall plug and then the power would come from the power stip, 5 V.

Of course, you'd have to spray paint the strip and the plugs orange or something to remind yourself that it is NEVER to be plugged into a 120 V plug.


I use an old pc power supply

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I also would use a PC ATX power supply.

  • cheap

  • high availability

  • high output power on 5V rail

  • additional 12V rail (for HDDs for example)

  • standard size

  • reliable and approved

  • only one plug neccsessary

  • relativly big in size (bit high power density

Don't think that anyone will take more pains for his answer, as you took for your question.


I use the RAVPower 30W 6A with 4 Ports 2x2,1A + 2x1A. The blue LED is very bright but it matches with the Cubietruck case and his bright LED's. :D I like this Multiport Chargers with Cable.


What is the size of the DC plug?  I cannot find any spec on it.  I am measuring it at 4mm.  You see, I don't want to loose the utg usb for power as I can use it for real work.

So I am looking at something like:


But it and others I am finding are for 5.5mm.

The above seller says they can make power cables to specs.  So if I can find a 5vDC/10A supply and a 1-4 splitter I would be very happy camper.


How about a small (max. 2A) power adapter + a small LiPo battery with it?

Battery will give extra wattage if there are any peaking need for it. I suppose most of us will need higher power all the time.


Right now I am looking at a:


The specs are awesome.  Each port is 2.4A, none of this some ports 2A and some 1A.

Pricey, though.


But from Amazon if it does not power 4 C2 with drives I can complain about it.


electrocret, while powering many different boards the main concern is the power limitation for all the boards, they all must have noise-free power available to them all the time. A small LiPo battery will definitely give them an extra edge since LiPo batteries are able to store more charge and provide enough current all the time. The voltage regulator will have to be able to regulate power to all the boards though.


I have 5 Cubieboard2 along with 80Gb 2.5" sata drives powered by one Anker 40W power supply:


I would not be surprised that with the right cables, I could power a couple more from it.

Just don't also plug a smartphone in, as then the Anker tries to 'smart' and only provides .5A to any non-smart device.

check out my post at:


for my 5 board tower.


I use one of the below.


£4.99 with 4 USB ports.  Only using two of them though.  One for cubietruck, one for an extra 750gb.  Saving 2 more for my raspberry pi.


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