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[SOLVED] Replacing a PC DESKTOP for a CUBIEBOARD ( is it possible ? )

Started by teprom, March 08, 2014, 02:54:02 pm

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Hi friends,

My home PC is not working anymore, and I wish use a CB1 or CB2 instead purchase another.
Presuming it is possible, what are the hardware configuration requiremed for that ?

For example:

---Cubieboard board
---USB switch
---Power Supply
---LCD monitor
---Speaker ( how to interface with Cubieboard ? )

Am I missing something ?



There is a post (@totalguy I think) with a cubieboard laptop. He uses Qbee-X in it.


hi ikeeki,

Thanks a lot for the prompt reply.

However, after take an exhaustive overview at all 102 messages he posted up to now, I was not able to find exactly the answer for the question raised above. If possible, could you kindly locate the post where I can find it ?



hi Guys,

Thanks a lot for quick assistance, and sorry for did not take a search based on proper keywords.

Anyway, if I understood correctly, there is no way to Cubieboard support speakers ?



I read something about it months ago. I think a conversor device was needed. But my English is not at an advanced level and I may be messing things (again)


hi johndoe,

I saw your post, however I could not notice any reference for Speakers...

- - -
Note.: The reason behind such query is due I´m planning to replace my burned Desktop for a Cubie-based platform. Final users are my childs, who currently use the PC just for play games and google Internet trivial webpages.

For them, sound is a feature somewhat essential



Last photo, 3,5 jack to RCA converter. Or just use 3,5mm Jack to output.
Cubieboard2 / Android 4.2.2 / Cubieez 7.4@3.4.79+patwood


You may need to co figure the output channel. If you use HDMI the the sound is delivered bei HDMI. If you want to use HDMI with the 3.5 jack of the board you need to cinfigure that. Somewere her i saw a discussion about that...


Ohh thanks,

I didn´t realized before that audio data is available at HDMI pinout.
I presume this solve the question.