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Screen resolution locked? image name : cb_a20_android42_v1.01_ddr480_8188eu

Started by srousseau, March 03, 2014, 07:59:40 pm

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Hello forum!

Hello gentlemen,

My name is Simon and i am new to the forum.

I am a network tech from Quebec, Canada, used to work on the OCZ Technology forum for a few years.

While i am knowledgeable in pc hardware, networking, servers and other things, i felt lacking in linux skills, and thought this little thing could help me in many ways.

Are there any books or websites you could suggest that i check?

Right now in linux i am just about able to install/remove/upgrade and run some programs, sometimes from source, but that's about it..

I had mostly been using linux distros on my cb2 so far,but wanted to use some android apps, so i figured what was needed to flash the image to nand.

I had to try various images because the cubie would freeze quite often until i found one that felt stable.

Other images i tried i had a list of available resolutions to try but not in this one.

I know what i need is mode 10 (1920x1080 60P) over HDMI.

how do i edit the file without having to unpack image, edit, repack image then flash with phoenixsuit?


thanks a bunch!