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Free Site FTP Access

Started by lawrence, March 17, 2013, 11:34:43 pm

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If you are creating something Cubie related (eg firmware), you can PM me for free site FTP access.
You'll have your own folder on the http://dl.cubieforums.com site where you can stick *legitimate* files.

No illegal stuff, or anything that would get us into trouble please!

PM Lawrence for details.


System bans me everytime I tri to connect via ncftp / ftp command? or is it a local problem?
Where can I find the rules and limitations in using the ftp account of cubieforums?


You'll be ipbanned if you use the wrong password 3 times in a row for 15 minutes or 60 minute (I forget what ruleset I'm running on fail2ban)

Otherwise, its standard ftp (vsftpd)