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How to go above 1024x768 using the Android V1.01 NAND image?

Started by phjanderson, February 28, 2014, 11:11:31 am

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Hello Sirs,

I am researching also in this problem for CB2 and CT.
By now, points to or sys_config.fex.

I will update if I have any progress.



I've tried 3d navbar next launcher but still there
I've also tried the CT images with HDMI 1080p (1920x1080) but there is still a navbar
is there another way?



Here is the source code for @alex's image:

QuoteQuote from: @lex on March 20, 2014, 08:25:11 AM
try this:


Hi @lex, I have a similar problem, but I need to get permission VGA 800x480 or at least 800x600. Did I correctly has been edited line:
init_swtichdisplay(0, DISP_OUTPUT_TYPE_VGA, DISP_VGA_H800_V600);

There is possible to get a resolution of 800x480?


yes, seems ok. Don't forget to change setting (script.bin) to VGA 800x600!

;disp init configuration
;disp_mode            (0:screen0<screen0,fb0> 1:screen1<screen1,fb0> 2:two_diff_screen_diff_contents<screen0,screen1,fb0,fb1>
;                      3:two_same_screen_diff_contets<screen0,screen1,fb0> 4:two_diff_screen_same_contents<screen0,screen1,fb0>)
;screenx_output_type  (0:none; 1:lcd; 2:tv; 3:hdmi; 4:vga)
;screenx_output_mode  (used for tv/hdmi output, 0:480i 1:576i 2:480p 3:576p 4:720p50 5:720p60 6:1080i50 7:1080i60 8:1080p24 9:1080p50 10:1080p60 11:pal 14:ntsc)
;screenx_output_mode  (used for vga output, 0:1680*1050 1:1440*900 2:1360*768 3:1280*1024 4:1024*768 5:800*600 6:640*480 10:1920*1080 11:1280*720)
;fbx format           (4:RGB655 5:RGB565 6:RGB556 7:ARGB1555 8:RGBA5551 9:RGB888 10:ARGB8888 12:ARGB4444)
;fbx pixel sequence   (0:ARGB 1:BGRA 2:ABGR 3:RGBA) --- 0 for linux, 2 for android
;lcd0_bright          (lcd0 init bright,the range:[0,256],default:197
;lcd1_bright          (lcd1 init bright,the range:[0,256],default:197


Quote from: Kwansik Choi on April 06, 2014, 03:41:54 am
I used below img for my CT and it is working perfectly.

Could you tell us which kernel version this image is?

I would like to try it but only if I can use it as an upgrade to @lex image, without erasing all my data...

To do that open a terminal an run this command: uname -a
Otherwise you can attach the CT to your PC and see the version with PhoenixSuit, at the bottom of the main screen.


Change resolution on the fly:

1. get SuperSU/Superuser
2. get NOMone Resolution Changer
3. test different resolutions to fit your screen
4. experiment with dpi for size of symbols/ui


Yes, that worked for me.
In my case is working with Nomone on 1360 x 1024 x 160 dpi, with output to HDMI 1080p
It looks good enough, full screen on a 23" display...


Quote from: Kwansik Choi on April 10, 2014, 07:35:54 am
I'm using test image for HD resolution with below url.

I was forced to reflash my CT after I tried Cubieez booting from SD card and got the NAND erased, as I now realized it happens in all Rev.B A20 boards... (

I tested this Android image and although it really works on 1080p, unfortunatelly it doesn't allow to overclock CT :-[
It has a limit of 952 MHz, while I used to push it until 1100 / 1200...

Also despite kernel shows 3.4.39+ it doesn't load the drivers I compiled for 3.4.39, so I went back to my previous image, just have to install everything again...  :'(


Hey, help me, I change the parameter init_swtichdisplay (0, DISP_OUTPUT_TYPE_HDMI, DISP_TV_MOD_720P_60HZ); on init_swtichdisplay (0, DISP_OUTPUT_TYPE_HDMI, DISP_TV_MOD_480I); 480I but get only at boot time, and when android boot still 720P_60HZ


How to use hdmi and cvbs simultaneously? as a media player.
Android remembers the last connection type. But if you connect hdmi, settings reset to hdmi. How to use 2 connections?
Android 4.2 (SDK 1.05 A20-android-4.2.tar.xz)
Cubieboard2 / Android 4.2.2 / Cubieez 7.4@3.4.79+patwood